SQL with Business Analytics

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|| SQL with Business Analytics course in vadodara

|| Business Analyst uses SQL to manipulate data in a relational database. All relational databases use this structured query language to read (via a command called select) or write (via commands insert, update, and delete) data.

|| You will Learn:

  • Write advanced SQL queries to explore and analyze databases with MySQL Workbench 
  • Learn how to use subqueries and temporary tables to handle complex multi-step data problems 
  • Solve practical hands-on assignments and real-world eCommerce use cases 
  • Analyze data across multiple tables with powerful MySQL JOIN statements 
  • Master unique tips and tools that you won’t find anywhere else 
  • Get LIFETIME access to resource files, quizzes, assignments, and expert support 

|| Who this course is for: 

  • Analysts or BI professionals looking to quickly retrieve or analyze data stored in relational database systems 
  • Excel users looking to shift into a broader business intelligence or database-focused role 
  • SQL users looking to develop advanced skills and master one of the world’s most popular and powerful database programming languages 
  • Students looking for a hands-on, practical, and highly engaging way to master MySQL for data analysis and business intelligence 
  • Anyone looking to pursue a career in data analysis or business intelligence 
  • NOTE: This course is NOT for database administrators (we won’t cover tools to build or maintain databases in this course) 

|| Requirements 

  • MySQL Workbench and Community Server for Mac or Windows/PC (we’ll walk you through the free install process) 
  • Students are expected to have completed our SQL for Beginners course, and have a solid grasp of SELECT statements, aggregate functions, and table joins 
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