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|| Professional English Course in Vadodara

|| The Advancement in technology creates the demand of for an Individual who is not only potential in the concerned field but who is also presentable enough to represent a company. To suffice these requirements, it is necessary to possess some essential soft skills, irrespective of the field/sector. Our academics and experience forms the base of our knowledge and develops the skills required in our field. However, now-a-days, considering the globalization of the business, employers prefer to hire the professionals who have an impressive personality and most importantly have a good command over English language.

This course has been designed with a sequential details of Personality development, communication skills, management skills, Business English, etc.  This is the most suitable course for those who want to enhance the communication skills and other soft skills required for formal and informal gatherings, job interviews, academics & professional field. Most of the human resources observe the personality traits while hiring.

|| Why to learn Business English and groom your Personality??

  • Knowing Business English has become inevitable for international business dealings.
  • Business English enables us to use proper phrases related to a particular situation, especially Business Meetings.
  • Effective communication plays an important role in Professional life.
  • Personality development helps an individual to develop positive qualities like flexible attitude, willingness to learn, various management skills, etc.
  • It is very essential for a professional person to have complete awareness about various types of Etiquettes.  .

|| You will learn:

  • Learner will be able to evaluate personality and understand the ways to groom it.
  • The basic concepts of Personality and its key elements.
  • Other important aspects like Body language, Time management skills, Leadership qualities, Conflict Management & Stress Management etc.
  • Business related vocabulary.
  • Communicate confidently and effectively in Business Meetings
  • Basics of Communication skills and Professional Etiquettes and role play.
  • Make effective presentations in business situations.
  • Use the appropriate language of negotiations.

|| Requirements:

  • Learner must have Basic English knowledge.
  • A computer, or a tablet, or a phone equipped with headphones or speakers.
  • Patience, enthusiasm and positive attitude to learn.
  • Willingness to come out of the comfort zone & accept and inherit the change.


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