Complete Manual Testing

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|| Software Testing Course in Vadodara

|| Manual Testing training curriculum is based on International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) Certification Pattern. Manual Testing training essentially takes the aspirants from the fundamentals of software testing to the in-depth study including Application Test Life Cycle Management. Participants can gain intensive knowledge on software quality assurance testing by understanding different mythologies, level and types of testing. The trainees will get better understanding of the ISO and CMM relevance. The training will equip the enthusiasts to build a career in software testing and quality assurance.

|| Upon the completion of training, you will hold the following capabilities:

  • Understand software engineering concepts and terminology
  • Understand the software testing fundamentals, methodologies, and levels
  • Differentiate between different types of testing’s
  • Understand various software testing tools with their significance and implementation
  • Understand project life cycle
  • Design, review, and execute test cases
  • Conduct bug tracking, reporting, and management
  • Understand and follow the quality assurance and quality control standards
  • Understand risk and configuration management
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