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Coding for KIDS (Level-2)

In this Training, you will learn the fundamentals of AI and ML, enough so that you’ll build your own games and cognitive assistants, as well as programs that can discern language and images.

What will i learn?
  • Learn the Professional Game Engine and build real interactive games with Python
  • Create applications to build 2D / 3D Shapes & Patterns through Programming
  • Create Animations & Stories using simple programming concepts
  • Python : Build various shapes using Turtle graphics
  • Create interactive applications like Quiz systems & Calculators using Scratch programming
  • Understand the theory behind Artificial Intelligence
  • Implement Machine Learning models to real-life projects

Just like humans can understand many different languages, a computer can understand the ideas and concepts that we input to it through several different programming languages. In this course, we’ll focus on the Python programming language because Python is easy to understand, can be used in many different ways, and is quick to learn. Also, it is a popular language that runs on almost every machine and is used at many big, important organizations like Google, Instagram, NASA, and Spotify.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) systems impact all of us. Most of us use AI systems every day. They influence the news we read and hear; the decisions that companies and governments make; and what we choose to buy, watch, and listen to. They can even influence the jobs we get and where we live. A great way to learn about AI technologies is to try making things that use them, and that’s what this book will help you do. Building your own AI projects will help you to understand how these technologies behave and what they’re capable of Making your own projects based on how AI is used in the real world can also open your eyes to exactly how AI systems impact all of us. As you learn how everyday AI applications are created, you’ll probably find that you start noticing AI systems and applications all around you. This gives you better insight into how the world around us works. 

This training is for kids. The activities introduce basic tags and attributes only. We want your students to like writing code. For this reason, we have kept things simple. By the end of this project, your students should feel confident in their ability to add HTML elements and set CSS attributes – not frustrated. The HTML lessons for beginners are designed to spark an interest in programming. This course is designed to explain how to build a web page using HTML and CSS. Students style text, images, and links to construct a page on a topic of their choice. Integrate technology using project-based instruction.

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  • No prior programming experience needed.
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Coding is an important skill for kids to learn for several reasons. It’s a language, for one thing, and learning new languages help with brain development.