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MSCIT Course

Master of Science in Information Technology (MSCIT) is a 2-year post graduate degree course for individuals who seek in-depth knowledge of the software, language and programming.

What will i learn?
  • Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the broad themes in Information Technology
  • Use and apply current technical concepts and practices in the core information technologies of networking, data management, software engineering, computer security.
  • Demonstrate a deep understanding of the IT methodologies and frameworks used to solve complex computing problems related to at least one IT Body-of-Knowledge
  • Identify and analyze user needs and take them into account in the selection, creation, evaluation and administration of computer-based systems.
  • Effectively integrate IT-based solutions into the user environment.
  • Developed and implement optimal solutions to complex computing problems using industry-recognized best practices and standards.

Master of Science in Information Technology (MSCIT) Course Distance Education in Vadodara 

M.Sc. in Information Technology is a two-year post-graduate programme dedicated to providing knowledge of programming, implementation of common data structures using OOP principles in C++ and ADTs. It covers in-depth analysis of Lists, Stacks, Queues, Trees, and Graphs. Students are introduced to various aspects of information technology including software development, data manipulation, and technology re-engineering.    
This programme is designed to help students explore different types of technology applications and the way in which information is created exchanged and stored. Students may learn how to write code and can explore areas such as information security software applications system design and databases.The programme offers a broad technical understanding of current and evolving technologies in the IT field. The emphasis of the programme is moving technology from the laboratory to the realm of business development.This course provides knowledge about programming, database management, projects management, object-oriented programming (OOP), OS etc.Through this course, students will learn to solve various types of problems through computer programming and application designing.MSc IT Syllabus also covers many topics of cybersecurity. So, students also are trained in ethical hacking and hacking prevention.

It is availed usually by people who are either working or want to enhance their education level and skill while they are not able to attend regular university. But it doesn’t mean that student who is not currently working can’t take the distance course. Many women who are homemakers with children, can also opt for the Master of Science in Information Technology (MSCIT) Course Distance Education, later they decide to work.This program has been designed for people who have an interest in open and distance education (either by virtue of being an employee in the open distance learning system or willing to work in the system). In-service teachers of Distance Education Centers and Open Universities would be highly benefited from the Program.

Program- 2 Years

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  • Candidates should have passed graduation from a recognized university in a relevant discipline.
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