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  • C Programming Training Course
    C Programming training Course has been designed with the aim to understand the fundamentals of C programming language which are considered to be the stepping stone for various high-level and as well as low-level languages.
  • C++ Programming Course
    In C++ Programming Course, learn C++ Basics and Advanced topics like Object Oriented Programming in C++ Class Object Inheritance and C++ pointers etc.
  • Java Programming Course
    This course comprises the fundamentals of software development with JAVA. Starting from the beginner level to rigorous problem-solving approaches such as programming fundamentals, Data Structures & Algorithms combined with Interview Problem and much more.
  • Python Programming Course
    Python Training certification course will help you to understand the high-level, general-purpose dynamic programming language.
  • C# Programming Course
    Our C# Programming certification training course lets you expert the C# programming language. We provide the best training classes to help you learn Professional C# programming.
  • Web Design Course
    With Web Design Training Course, launch a career as a web designer by learning HTML, CSS, javascript and more!
  • Web Design - Master's Program
    Web Design Master's Training Program will cover the effective use of CSS, CSS3,HTML, HTML5, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Angular JS and jQuery.
  • SEO Training Course
    Learn search engine optimization or SEO basics & drive traffic to your website and rank it high in engines like Google through our SEO Training Course
  • Web Development Training Course
    Web Developer Master's Training Program will teach you, how to create a wire-frame for a website before actually starting the development. Explore the best pay-after-placement programs that ensure well-paying jobs.
  • Asp.net Developer Master's Program
    ASP .NET training course covers .NET Architecture, MVC, C#, Web Services, Web API JSON, Linq, ADO.Net, JQuery, Entity Framework.
  • Asp.net MVC Course
    ASP .NET MVC Training Course covers to build fast and secure web applications with ASP.NET MVC.
  • SEO and Web Hosting for Web Development Course
    SEO and Web Hosting for Web Development Training Course will teach you to optimize website content for the best possible search engine ranking.
  • PHP & MySQL Course
    PHP Training is designed to teach Basic to intermediate PHP developer higher-level concepts including a detailed introduction to object-oriented programming, advanced language and web development methodologies, and PHP Frameworks development
  • Digital Marketing Professional Program
    BIT's Digital Marketing training will help you gain expertise in various digital marketing aspects such as Keyword Planning, SEO, Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Google Analytics.
  • Python with Django Course
    Python with Django training course masters you in Django REST framework, Django Models, Django AJAX, Django jQuery, etc. In this best Python Django course, you will learn web framework by doing real-time industry projects with top Industry Experts.
  • Digital Marketing Master Program
    Become a Digital Marketing expert by mastering skills like positioning strategy of a product, branding decisions, understanding pricing strategies, preparing communication plan, marketing analytics, SEO, SEM,SMM, etc. with Digital Marketing Master Program training course.
  • WordPress Course
    WordPress Training is designed to become a WordPress developer, Master WordPress with this Professional WordPress Training, without learning how to code and without any programming!
  • Digital Marketing Training Course
    Our Digital Marketing training course will help you gain full proficiency in Digital Marketing skills like search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), Google Marketing and social media, content marketing, email marketing, etc.
  • Java Developer Master's Program
    Java Web Development Training is designed to become a professional Java developer. Java Web Development course covers basic to advanced levels of Java and Java Framework like Hibernate, Spring, Spring MVC many more...
  • Internet of Things - IOT
    Internet of Things -IOT training course is a comprehensive training course for Internet of Things (IoT). You will learn IoT introduction, significance, building your own IoT devices, sensors, IoT communication and security.
  • Advance Java Training Course
    Advance Java Training Course, Java is one of the most popular programming languages used to create Web applications and platforms. Popular Java web frameworks are GWT, Java Server Faces, Struts and the Spring framework.
  • Front End Web Developer Course
    Front end web development Training course is perfect for anyone who wants to learn about web design and web development. This course will help you get started quickly and lay the foundation for programming fundamentals.
  • Manual Testing Course
    Manual Testing Training Course is to identify the bugs, issues, and defects in the software application.
  • Full Stack Web Developer Course
    Full stack web development training with HTML5, CSS , Bootstrap 4, JavaScript, ES6, Node.js, React js, Mongo DB & More
  • Software Testing (ISTQB)Training
    Be an ISTQB certified tester and Learn the basics of Software testing principles and techniques through Software Testing Training Course
  • Automation Testing using Java & Selenium Course
    In Automation Testing using Java & Selenium Training Course where you will learn automation testing using Selenium WebDriver + Java from scratch.
  • PHP Developer Master's Program
    PHP Training Course is designed to teach Basic to intermediate PHP developer higher-level concepts including a detailed introduction to object-oriented programming, advanced language and web development methodologies, and PHP Frameworks development
  • Laravel PHP Framework Course
    BIT brings you a comprehensive and interactive Laravel Training course that will help you understand the fundamentals of the Laravel framework.
  • Software Tester Master's Program
    Become a Software Tester. Learn Manual Testing & Automation Testing using Selenium under Software Tester Master's Training Program.
  • Asp.net Core Training Course
    The professional web developers will learn to develop advanced ASP.NET Core MVC applications using .NET Core tools and technologies under Asp.net Core Online Training Course.
  • Android Training Course
    Get started with BIT Android App Development Training Course and learn to develop Android apps and integrate them with SQLite, Google Maps, and Google Play store.
  • Website Development Master's Program
    Website Development Master's Program training course that includes the complete in-depth study of Digital Design, Web Design, PHP, MySQL, WordPress, Digital Marketing, SEO etc. This has been created taking into consideration the industry requirements.
  • iOS App Development Training Course
    Our iOS training course lets you master the Apple OS. In this course you will learn the tools, techniques and concepts needed to build a basic iOS app, from scratch. You will be introduced to the Swift programming language and learn how to utilize the Apple developer tools to build an app.