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|| Business English Course in Vadodara

|| English is considered as a common business language especially in terms of international aspects. Being able to communicate in English has become inevitable to sustain in the corporate world, which indeed maximizes the career opportunities. Apart from possessing in-depth knowledge of the concerned field, there are three important qualities which are to be possessed by a Professional person: Effective Communication Skills, complete awareness about Business English as well as Professional Etiquettes.

This course is meant for those who want to gain a good command over Communication in English. The course contains the topics such as Communication Skills, Business English and Professional Etiquettes, E-mail Etiquettes and Interview Skills.

|| Why Business English is important??

  • Common language for International business – for cross cultural communication skills.
  • Having fluency in English strengthens your potential to sustain in the competitive environment of MNCs.
  • Expand your credentials by becoming capable to adapt yourself for any type of learning tasks.
  • Used for day to day communication in business in the forms of verbal communication, E-mails, messages, business letters, documentations, reports, Power Point presentations, notifications, business proposals, etc.
  • For better business prospects as most of the marketing activities are done in English to reach out to the large target audience.
  • Fluency in English proves to be a plus point during any type of interview session.

|| You will learn:

  • Business related vocabulary.
  • Communicate confidently and effectively in Business Meetings
  • Role-plays related to work life.
  • Basics of Communication skills.
  • Professional Etiquettes and role play.
  • Make effective presentations in business situations.
  • Use the appropriate language of negotiations.
  • For add on/optional topics: E-mail English & E-mail Etiquettes.
  • Interview English.

|| Requirements:

  • A computer, or a tablet, or a phone equipped with headphones or speakers.
  • Learner must have Basic English knowledge.


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