Spoken English for Intermediate Level

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|| Spoken English language Course in Vadodara

|| This course is meant for the people who have basic knowledge of English and who are looking forward to get detailed knowledge of English language. English being one of the widely spoken languages, has become inevitable not only for the professionals but also for the students, job-aspirants, housewives, or any other individual. Here, you will learn about the Dos and Don’ts of English along with its practical application in the real world. The course contents are designed and arranged in a systematic way in order to have a step-by-step learning process.

|| You will Learn::
• The essential knowledge of the grammatical rules.
• Conversational practice through video sessions.
• Practice sessions of speaking, writing and reading.
• Vocabulary and its uses for sentence framing.
• Learner can access the study material at any time.

|| By the end of the course, you will be able to:
• Your command over English language will reflect in the way you speak.
• Your reading and writing skills will get enhanced.
• Express your thoughts in English in an effective way.
• Interpret and describe in English whatever has been read or heard.
• Situational conversation – At work, at the restaurant, etc.
• Share your views and give opinions & explanations.

|| Requirements:
• A computer, or a tablet, or a phone equipped with headphones or speakers.
• Patience, enthusiasm and positive attitude to learn.

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