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CompTIA A+ Training Course

CompTIA A+ is the industry standard for launching IT careers into today’s digital world.

What will i learn?
  • Certified CompTIA A+ professionals are adept at understanding the basics of computer as well as mobile security, networking, hardware as well as software.
  • Understand the various network components in an organization’s operating systems
  • With CompTIA A+ certification, you can validate your expertise & skills in handling both hardware & software components of IT assets
  • Achieve exponential pay rise with CompTIA A+ Certification as it is one of the most respected & recognized certifications globally
  • CompTIA certifications demonstrate commitment on your part to excel in your career & sets you apart from non-certified counterparts
  • Pave a better career path with CompTIA certifications which has multiple courses which include Security, Networking, and many more
  • Configure mobile and desktop devices and applications as well as offer support when necessary.

The CompTIA A+ certification training course is created for all entry-level and aspiring IT professionals to validate their skills and knowledge in the IT domain. The certification course is made for learners to properly understand the hardware and software technologies that they will be working with so that they can support various IT infrastructures. Organizations often look for this certification as a marker and validation of the prospective employee’s skills. The certification has two examinations that candidates need to clear to become certified CompTIA A+ professionals. This entry-level certification training course comes with basic knowledge and understanding of software and hardware technologies. Candidates who are completing this certificate course gain worldwide recognition after obtaining their certification. They learn more about the core skills required for their jobs, such as network and application security to support IT, troubleshooting, the configuration of multiple operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and more. 

The course revolves around supporting basic IT infrastructures both with hardware and software programs and applications. Candidates of this certification training course also learn about the best practices to implement when it comes to change management, scripting, and documentation. The course also covers how to perform basic backup and recovery for data, among various other data management practices.

The certification validates a lot of skills that the candidates need to possess in order to clear their examinations. Some of the topics that the CompTIA a+ certification training course covers include different aspects of identification and connections with hardware, different types of networks and networking concepts, knowledge on operating systems, troubleshooting with device and network problems, network security analysis and protection against vulnerabilities, cloud computing, and more.

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  • The CompTIA A+ certification training course is a beginner level course. Anyone with basic computer knowledge is eligible to apply for this certification. There are no prerequisites for this course, and there is no recommended learning or work experience required to be eligible either.
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