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MA-Education Course

Master of Arts in Education is a 2-year post graduate degree course for the people who wants to move further in the discipline of education.

What will i learn?
  • Critically evaluate current issues and trends influencing the field of education.
  • Identify relevant research, read it critically, and evaluate it appropriately.
  • Formulate a researchable question or identify an organizational problem, design and conduct a study using appropriate methodologies, analyze data and draw reasonable conclusions, offer sound recommendations based on those conclusions.
  • Design appropriate and effective curricula and instructional strategies that are informed by current theories of learning and pedagogy, including meeting the needs of diverse learners.
  • Select and effectively utilize technologies for professional development and for enhancing student learning.
  • Write and speak clearly and coherently using correct grammar and sentence structure; communicate ideas and articulate arguments/positions in ways appropriate to reach the intended audience.

MA-Education Distance Education course in Vadodara

MA Education is basically a theoretical course that focuses on the basic knowledge of theory and practice of educational thought and processes accumulated around the discipline of education. It encompasses a series of basic subjects that are designed in a way to cover the basics of all the areas of educational concern and a number of Advanced Courses (Theoretical or Applied) in areas demanding specialization of one or the other kind, followed by Research Dissertation.Pursuing a Masters of Arts Education (MA English) can also help make you a better teacher. These degrees focus on teaching somebody how to be a teacher, with a heavy emphasis on pedagogy, teaching methods, philosophy of education, and educational technology.Currently, Schools are in great need of highly qualified and expert teachers so that they can improve the quality of education provided and an advanced qualification tells a particular school that the candidates obtained with this degree are a valuable and only knowledgeable teacher that will have a positive impact on upcoming students.

The MA-Education Distance Education programme is designed for open and distance learning programmes to help people to develop a dynamic personality for them as this will help them to engage in multiple activities. For those who can’t afford to attend regular classes, and those who wish to pursue their higher studies but do not have the time to do so, this programme is very beneficial. At the same time, after completing this programme, this will increase their job opportunities also.

Program: 2 Years

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  • A Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline which includes Physical Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities, Engineering, Medicine, Agriculture, Environmental Sciences, Commerce, Management, etc. from a recognized university.
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