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Robotics for KIDS

Robotics for KIDS training course is going to help you make your own robots. There are 11 robot projects for you to do.

What will i learn?
  • Learn to build electronic circuits from Scratch
  • Understanding use of Sensors and other Components
  • Build Electronic Devices using LED's motors sensors
  • Build Arduino LED projects, Arduino Motor control Projects & Arduino controlled Obstacle Avoiding robot

This course is designed to learn robotics. It is also a do-it yourself guide to building cool robots! Many of the robots build on each other, and many use the same parts, like light bulb circuits, motors, and solar panels. If you choose to, you can use some parts from earlier robots to Build later robots, or you can build each robot individually. 

The projects start very simply. First, you’ll learn how to build your own circuits, because you have to know how a robot is powered before you can build one. As the book progresses, the projects will get more complicated. Once you learn how to build circuits, the more advanced robot projects will show you how to build things that move, first with vibration motors and then with wheels and even fans. There is also a project that doesn’t move at all—it just makes weird robot noises. (How awesome is that?!) Toward the end, you’ll learn about walking robots, building your own four- and six-legged robots. Finally, you will make a robot that walks on two legs, just like you.

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  • No prior Technical Knowledge is required. No prior Electronics Knowledge required. No prior Programming Knowledge is required
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