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Diploma in Computer Application - DCA Course

DCA Training Course includes the study of various computer applications such as MS Office, Spoken English, TallyPrime, Graphic Design, Web Design and Hardware & Networking Concepts etc.

What will i learn?
  • To demonstrate a sound knowledge in basics of computer application.
  • To demonstrate a practical knowledge for solving problems.
  • To provide in depth knowledge to help in further study.
  • To acquire competence for Government Sector and Banking sector jobs.
  • To acquire specialized skills in IT/ Business environment.
  • Students will get exposure to the IT sector through a computer application.

Diploma in Computer Application or DCA training course is a one year program to study computer application in-depth, it provides students with practical and scientific knowledge on the Computer course along with major soft skills. There are various career opportunities for those students who are aspiring for the IT sector and other IT related field jobs, and computer application fulfills those ambitions as it is on high demand in the market. The course will provide learners with the usage of applications and the ease of it accordingly. DCA, Diploma in Computer Applications, is a one-year diploma course in the field of Computer Applications which involves study of numerous computer applications such as MS Office, Spoken English, TallyPrime, Graphic Design, web Design and Hardware & Networking Concepts.

The course curriculum ensures to provide an aspirant a deeper knowledge of the subject as well as will make the student technology friendly. After getting a diploma in computer application and having a good grip of the subject, one can either go for further studies in a related field or can get a decent job in the areas like Accounting, Graphic Designing, Website Designing, Software Developer ,Computer Operator, Network administrator etc.  Computers have brought about major changes in all spheres of life, and especially so in business and management. Today, it is extremely difficult to imagine the world without computer. Businesses rely heavily on computer technology to assist them in almost every aspect of their work. This programme is a perfect blend of Offline learning as well as practical learning programme for gaining basic to intermediate computer skills in application side.

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  • Everyone is eligible for this course as there are no certain eligibility criteria.
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