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PHP Live Project Training

PHP Live Project training is required for all computer graduates and postgraduates students. There are many approaches to live project training. PHP and MySQL are used in numerous applications like job portals, forums, e-commerce applications, and many more.

What will i learn?
  • Use PHP’s object oriented features to implement the Model-View-Controller pattern
  • To Learn Web Programming Technologies such as PHP, MYSQL, JavaScript and JQuery
  • Build Practical projects during the course
  • Use test driven development to help produce and refactor reusable code in a web application
  • Learn the new features of PHP 7 that make it well suited to quickly create web applications
  • Learn about popular web frameworks
  • Write tests in PHP Unit to create an automated test suite for your application
  • Learn the software development process
  • Use PHP to create real-time streaming functionality using the Comet model

PHP is one of the famous server-side scripting languages that are available as open-source. It is mostly used for creating dynamic web pages. PHP is used by popular software systems like Joomla, Laravel, WordPress, and Drupal.

The most popular database used with PHP is MySQL. PHP and MySQL are used in numerous applications like job portals, forums, e-commerce applications, and many more.


Benefits of PHP language:

· PHP is open-source and free of cost, which helps developers to install it quickly and readily available for use.

· PHP is mainly supported by all the operating systems like Windows, Unix, Linux, etc. The PHP-based developed web applications can be easily run on any platform.

· This advantage of PHP is simple and easy to learn and code. It is mainly organized code and clean, which helps the new developers also.

· PHP is easily connected with the database and makes the connection securely with databases. It has a built-in module that is used to connect to the database easily.

· PHP is known as the fastest Programming language as compared to another. PHP applications can be easily loaded over the slow Internet and data speed.

· PHP framework is mainly used to make web application development easier and maintain the code automatically.


Developing a project in PHP gives you knowledge on:

· How to start and end a project

· Knowledge of client requirements.

· The risks involved in project development.

· Knowledge of the cost incurred for development.

· What is customer value and satisfaction?

· How the project’s goals are achieved.


Benefits of working on live projects:

· Students get an opportunity to know about problems faced by the industry.

· Group projects train students on how to work in a team.

· Students get knowledge about client interactions.

· Live projects develop student's communication skills.

· With exposure to live projects, students can easily answer questions in an interview.


Live projects are an emerging educational initiative. Organizations consider live projects as students experience and it adds value to your CV. We BIT provide you with ideal PHP Live projects training in Vadodara. We train you to create flawless projects and guide you on how to provide support for an ongoing project. Our experienced trainers teach you how to create and develop PHP projects using the step-by-step procedure. You will learn PHP, advance PHP , Laravel , WordPress and more.

Our live project covers all major features and functionalities of PHP. Working on a live project improves your problem-solving skills. Our project will be useful to students who wish to build their careers in the PHP and testing domain. BIT is one of the companies providing PHP Full Stack Web Development  Live project training in Vadodara. Our Training is associated with BIT INFOTECH Company.

For more inquiries, visit our near BIT Training center or e-mail on inquiry@bitbaroda.com or visit one of the BIT Training Centers located in Vadodara (Manjalpur, Sayajigunj, Waghodiya).


  • Live Project training is required for all computer graduates and postgraduates students.
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