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Solid Edge Training Course

Solid Edge Training Course focuses on best practice and modeling techniques to take your Solid Edge knowledge and skills to an advanced level. This will enable you to be more productive and efficient in your working with Solid Edge.

What will i learn?
  • Fundamentals of CAD, introduction of Solid edge.
  • Basic knowledge of workspace, introduction of different menu bars.
  • Sketches draw Feature and smart dimension tools.
  • Datum Planes and Reference geometry.
  • Parametric tools group’s utilities tool, section views.
  • Technical drawing reading and how to make it.
  • Basic 3D modeling, relate, solids
  • Creating planes.
  • Exploring assembly.
  • Basic assembly mates, Advance assembly mates.
  • Creating drawings.
  • Layouts plotting.
  • Material and rendering.

Solid Edge Training Course focuses on the fundamental skills and concepts central to the use of Solid Edge. It uncovers all of the potential uses of production level solid modeling and introduces techniques for using Synchronous Technology. Solid Edge training course delivers the knowledge and skills to use Solid Edge, a 3D CAD software, for solid modeling, assembly modeling along with drafting and designing. Participants learn all from concept to completion including benefits of ordered and synchronous commands. Sheet metal designing is also covered to teach design and change production level parts and assemblies.

Solidedges’ is considered as Advanced CAD software for engineering. CAD means computer aided design. It is use as normal design to high level 3D design. Solidedge is like base of designing software. It is very useful software for 3D modeling, assembly, Machine building Etc. like, jig and fixture development, product design, mechanism development, manufacturing drawing. Etc. That’s why Solidedge useful software for Professional designer as well as student. We can say rapid design software. It is very useful software for mechanical, automobile, aeronautical, electrical.The unique properties of Solidedge are User friendly software. It have many advance level features for 3D design and assembly like parametric and advance assembly, explored view Etc. Solidedge is beneficial software for 3D design and assembly. Like, sheet metal industry, automobile, Product design company Etc are use Solidedge software for drawing and designing. This course has been designed with the aim to understand the fundamentals of Advance 3D modeling and engineering drawing which ease the learning procedure of high-level designing software’s such as Creo, NX, Ansys, Etc.

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  • Basic knowledge of engineering graphics and design. Knowledge about basic cad software like, AutoCAD.
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