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Coding for KIDS (Level-1)

Coding is an important skill for kids to learn for several reasons. It’s a language, for one thing, and learning new languages help with brain development.

What will i learn?
  • Code - one of the most important skills to learn!
  • Understand complex computer science concepts by intuitively applying them in games
  • Create smart and fun games
  • Create interactive applications
  • Master various Programming concepts with ease & fun

Once all the basic parts of a computer are in place, you need to be able to tell the computer what to do. Technology makes it possible for you to write code that allows the computer to do different things. Using coding, you can have the computer add up a bunch of numbers, make a game to play or even animate characters on the screen. The possibilities are endless. But to get the computer to understand what you want, you need to use a language that the computer understands. There are several different coding languages that computers can use. Many kids start small with programs like Scratch and then move onto more complicated coding languages as they get older and gain more experience. Gaining proficiency in coding will help kids understand the technology that permeates their worlds and help kids move from being consumers of technology, to creators. Coding also helps teach kids patience and critical thinking as they experiment with programming — such as in a robotics course. When they’re developing apps, being concerned with user experience can teach kids empathy. 

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This training introduces all the essential concepts needed to understand computer coding. Fun projects throughout put these ideas into practice. Everything is broken down into small chunks so that it’s easy to follow and understand.

  • No prior programming experience needed.
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