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Computer Basics for KIDS

Computers play a huge role in our everyday lives, and now more than ever, it's important that kids have a basic understanding of how computers work, what computers can do and how technology can be helpful.

What will i learn?
  • Learn Computer fundamentals
  • Microsoft Word is used by schools and colleges. Kids that learn Word earlier on will be ahead of their peers, and potentially be able to work quicker, smarter, and better.
  • Kids can develop the quality of their writing skills better due the application’s ease of use. This encourages them to practice their writing more, plus learn to rectify their mistakes due to the built-in grammar and spelling tools.
  • Microsoft Excel is used by schools and colleges. so kids that learn Excel early will be ahead of their peers, and potentially be able to work quicker, smarter, and better.
  • To create organized slideshow presentations, where information is made interactive, accessible, and most importantly, concise.
  • Emails, Safe Google Searching for Projects

The best way to introduce your child to a computer is to start them on a family laptop or desktop rather than a tablet or phone. Why? This limits the child’s access and allows you to teach them the basics: such as how to turn the computer on and off, and how to open and close software. Kids will also need to learn how to use traditional computers with keyboards because they are likely to be using them at school and because learning on an actual computer will help them understand the basics of hardware and software, and boost their typing and mouse skills in a way that touchscreens cannot. You may also consider showing your child a video or website about the history of computers for kids, so they have a better understanding of what computers are and how they developed over the years.

At this pointyou should also be teaching kids basic computer hygiene, like washing (and thoroughly drying) their hands before using the computer, using gentle hands and keeping food and drinks away from the keyboard. This will give your child a solid foundation when it comes to learning on computers at school and to complete homework. It’s also best to teach good typing skills at a young age; children pick up skills more quickly than adults, so the sooner kids learn to type, the better.

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  • Any age of student can learn.
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