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Data Analytics Using Tableau Master's Program

Tableau Data Analytics Master's Training Program is a Combination Course that includes the complete in-depth Tableau Desktop and the Tableau Server Training Courses combined into one Complete Course.

What will i learn?
  • Understand Tableau Desktop, Tableau statistics and interactive dashboard
  • Learn about Tableau generated fields and special field types
  • Use Tableau Server for monitoring functions
  • Charting with Spark line, Pareto, Gantt and Box plots in Tableau
  • Learn about spatial analysis, formatting and annotations
  • Understand data visualization and advanced concepts
  • Learn about Tableau Interface and terminology
  • Learn to implement Data Aggregation and Data Blending
  • Know about Tableau scripting APIs. Work with disparate data sources Integrate Tableau with R programming

Data Analytics using Tableau training course was designed as an introductory, beginner-level course for working professionals to understand how the Tableau software works and how they can use it to present their data in a more visual and accurate manner. The application is also used to generate meaningful analytics and insights, dashboards, and data models that can be presented and have a high impact. This course covers Tableau Desktop and Server concepts.Tableau is also a popular tool for business intelligence professionals, so if beginners or working professionals want to gain more expertise in the field, this Analyze and Visualize data using Tableau certification training course comes highly recommended. The reason why Tableau is such a popular tool is because of its easy-to-understand interface and level of presentation. Users can easily create highly detailed insights with interactive graphs with minimal effort, making it the perfect choice. The certification in data visualization and analysis with Tableau can provide improved career opportunities for working professionals and freshers and equip those who are already working with a new set of advanced skills in their field. This Course is designed to become Professional Tableau Data Analyst.

The Tableau Desktop training course is for those working professionals who want to take on a more focused and comprehensive approach to learning about the Tableau Desktop platform. It is a foundational course that teaches learners about the core concepts of Tableau and its functionalities. This course is usually taken up by those working professionals who want to get a certification to become a Tableau Desktop Certified Professional. The Tableau Desktop Certified Associate certification holders will have working knowledge on how to use Tableau Desktop to create analysis reports and solve problems using the various mapping, advanced data analysis, calculation, and data preparation tools they will learn about in the certification training course.The Tableau Server Training Course is for working professionals who want to advocate their proficiency in the Tableau software. Since more and more organizations are using Tableau platforms to showcase and visualize their data, this certification can help in increasing one’s demand in the job market. The certification training course includes advanced data visualization concepts that are used in Tableau, concepts on how to conduct data mapping and strategic statistical analysis of information and data. This training course will give employees and job applicants an in-depth knowledge on obtaining and presenting valuable insights as well as best practices and strategies on how to gather business intelligence effectively.

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  • There are no prerequisites for taking up this Tableau certification training course.
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