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Data Science Training Course

Data Science Professional training course develop a skills such as data analytics, Python, statistical computing, Machine Learning algorithms, k-means clustering, and Deep Learning a, Artificial Intelligence more.

What will i learn?
  • To perform scientific and technical computing using SciPy package and its sub-packages such as Integrate, Optimize, Statistics, IO, and Weave.
  • Perform data analysis and manipulation using data structures and tools provided in Pandas package
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of supervised learning and unsupervised learning models like linear regression, logistic regression, clustering, dimensionality reduction, K-NN, and pipeline
  • Make predictions using linear regression, polynomial regression, and multivariate regression
  • Build artificial neural networks with Tensorflow and Keras
  • Classify data using K-Means clustering, Support Vector Machines (SVM), KNN, Decision Trees, Naive Bayes, and PCA
  • Data Visualization with MatPlotLib and Seaborn

Data Science Training Course from BIT provides high-quality instruction combined with real-world experience through applied projects. You’ll gain a deep understanding of cutting-edge topics like Python Programming, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence. The Python for Data Science training course will give you a detailed overview on developing machine learning using python covering the topics like regression, Naive Bayes, Clustering, tensor flow etc. The Data Science with Advance Python course has been designed to provide in-depth knowledge of the various libraries and packages that are required to perform data analysis, data visualization, web scraping, machine learning, and natural language processing using Python. The data science with python course is based on the live projects, demonstrations, assignments, and the case studies to provide a hands-on as well as practical experience to the aspirants. This course is designed to help you land your dream job as a data scientist. 

Data Science Professional course to let you develop master skills such as data analytics, Python Programming, statistical computing, Machine Learning algorithms, k-means clustering, and Deep Learning a, Artificial Intelligence more. It includes multiple hands-on exercises and project work in the domains of banking, finance, entertainment, etc. To process the massive amounts of data we need more effective algorithms. This is made possible by the Application of Data Analytics. Data Analytics is the application of structured statistical and mathematical techniques on collected data in order to detect underlying patterns as well as make predictions. Build expertise in data manipulation, visualization, Statistics, predictive analytics, machine learning, and data science. With the skills you learn in a Professional program, you can launch or advance a successful data career. Learn Advance concepts of Statistics, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Concepts. Industry relevant curriculum, top faculty, network with domain experts, hands on learning. After completion of Data science course students become Certified Data Scientist.

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Our program comes with a 100 % Placement Assurance ! Prepared to be hired by one of our more than 500 top-tier companies that employ data scientists and analysts. Every step of this program is designed to help you land your dream job as a data scientist.

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  • 500+ Hiring Companies
  • Basic understanding of Computer Programming Languages.
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BIT's Data Science Masters Program training course makes you proficient in tools and systems used by Data Science Professionals. It includes training on Statistics, Data Science, Python, Apache Spark & Scala, SAS and Tableau etc.

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