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SPSS Training Course

SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) training course guides you through the fundamentals of research methods and statistics before moving on to the use of SPSS.

What will i learn?
  • Understanding the research process and be clear in which type of data you must collect and how to measure it
  • Differentiating among different statistical models and types of results and errors
  • Familiar with SPSS environment
  • Know how to use SPPS to work with graphs
  • Exploring groups of data and making assumptions to work on a problem
  • Use SPSS forvarious statistical procedures such as Correlation, Regression, Dependent & Independent T-test, Pearson Chi-Square
  • Compare Means,and conduct post hoc test
  • Run several tests for statistical significance and interpreted the results
  • In this course, you will gain proficiency in how to analyze a number of statistical procedures in SPSS.
  • You will learn how to interpret the output of a number of different statistical tests
  • Learn how to write the results of statistical analyses using APA format

SPSS course is designed for business professionals who want to know how to analyze data. You'll learn how to use IBM SPSS to draw accurate conclusions on your research and make decisions that will benefit your customers and your bottom line. SPSS is a powerful statistical application package from IBM used for analysis of data. The training delivers the skill related to the use of SPSS environment for data understanding, data preparation, and ways of executing sequence of operations to derive the result in the required format.

BIT’s SPSS training enables you to master all the essential concepts of SPSS for performing data analysis and statistics through hands-on exposure to industry use cases. By the end of the training, you will gain valuable insights into data analysis and will be able to clear the SPSS certification exam in your first attempt itself. There is a massive scope for SPSS statistics in the market and the candidates can take full advantage of it. There are numerous job opportunities available for SPSS professionals. You don’t have to worry about job security or finding a relevant job opportunity. The average pay for a professional in SPSS is comparatively high than any other data management operations professional.

For more inquiries, visit our near BIT Training center or e-mail on inquiry@bitbaroda.com or visit one of the BIT Training Centers located in Vadodara (Manjalpur, Sayajigunj, Waghodiya).

  • Basic knowledge of Computer handling and Statistics is enough to learn SPSS.
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